The Harvest Is Now!

We’re on a journey. All of us. Everyone is going somewhere, looking forward to something.

Now, I wonder what I have missed all around me…

“I tell you, look up and see that the fields are already white for harvest!” John 4.35b

If you recall the context, the Samaritan woman at the well had just run back into town to tell everyone of the graceful Messiah she had just met. The disciples had returned from town with food and supplies, but were stunned to find their Rabbi talking with such a woman – and in public! Before the crowds arrive, intrigued by the woman’s encounter, Jesus takes a moment to gently remind his apostles of the mission.

Yes, they were on a journey to Galilee. Yes, they were traveling through a racially tense area. Yes, like Jesus, they were tired and thirsty. This is when Jesus reminds them that he is sustained and energized by doing the work of His father – namely, His mission to rescue and save the world. The whole world! That means the people of Samaria too! Right where they stood!

Or in other words, Jesus said; “I’m telling you to open your eyes and take a good look at what’s right in front of you. These Samaritan fields are ripe. It’s harvest time!” (The Message)

This summer marks 11 years since I surrendered my life to Christ in missions. 11 years. And I’m not as patient as I hope to be one day. This is not the journey I had in mind in high school – that over a decade later I might still be awaiting the full realization of a vision God put on my heart. But we praise God for how He has matured, developed and prepared us for our future ministry by being faithful here in this ministry right now! Sure, it took me years to realize what He was doing and why, but we couldn’t and wouldn’t trade the countless opportunities to minister and share His love everywhere we have been and are working and serving. Praise Him for allowing us to see and molding a heart within us to the need of the present around us. As we’ve shared with so many of you, please pray that we would continue to see with Christ’s eyes the opportunities to share love, hope, joy, peace and grace and boldness to speak and act in these moments He gives us for ministry right now!

This has been our prayer throughout our pre-field ministry, that we would not miss God’s work around us looking forward to ministry in South Africa. He has answered and blessed us abundantly! Both with fruit in ministry and in providing and continuing to build our ministry partners. With this we announce that God has worked in hearts and we are over our 50{94115f3f0ce78e17ae6fab5620d08dd86260dffed70bcd9a5a0ccd2442dba6d2} support level! That’s right! God provided over the $1,000 in committed monthly support we were requesting! We will be attending Essential Mission Components, a required training with our mission organization the last week of July in Harrisburg, PA! We are beyond excited, overwhelmed by God’s grace! He has also answered our prayer that throughout this experience, His name would be glorified! Amen!

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We are excited to now be over the hump and heading nearer to the goal of full support. Please let us know if God has put it on your heart and you would like to talk about becoming a financial partner as well. In addition, we value prayer above all. And we do it! If we can share life in ministry together, please let us know how we can pray for you and your ministry!