God is moving. So are we.

When God moves, you move. That is how it works.

And He has been moving fast and for us.

We praise our sovereign God as our home is in contract. We are set to close on February 20th. Please pray all things move forward smoothly and glory to God for selling our home so rapidly (2 days!), and to the first to walk through the door.

We praise God for His grace as we sort through the many blessings He has poured out on us in our over five years of marriage. Please pray as we prepare this weekend to sell most of our belongings in preparation for our upcoming moves and transitions.

We praise our loving God for reaching the hearts of coworkers and guests. He is opening up more conversations in my workplace for me to share His love and the gospel which compels us. Pray for me, for boldness and words, and for my living testimony at work. May we not forget He is at work in lives all around, even here and now.

We praise God our Father for surrounding us with a community of brothers and sisters to encourage, challenge, and walk with through life. Our church has been a constant reminder of the steadfast love and beauty of Christ. Our small group and discipleship groups are daily evidence of the living and active power of the Holy Spirit. May we continue to be faithful to these ministries and fulfill our responsibilities in the local church.

We praise our Lord for the joy in obedience to his commands. As we have challenged each other in our small group to reach out to each of our next door neighbors, we are grateful and cherishing what may be some of our last meals with our neighbors as we move. Pray that we present our Christ and the gospel from a true place of wonder and awe that He might be found as the answer to the thirst of their souls.

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We praise God, our Provider, has increased our monthly support level from 56{94115f3f0ce78e17ae6fab5620d08dd86260dffed70bcd9a5a0ccd2442dba6d2} to 63{94115f3f0ce78e17ae6fab5620d08dd86260dffed70bcd9a5a0ccd2442dba6d2} since we wrote last month. Pray that God would continue to glorify Himself greatly as He shows everyone around us His goodness and power in His provision for us. Amen!

Please, pray on our behalf over this next month. Our final necessary training, Field Preparation (yes, final! Eeek!) is being held the last week of April. “Nate, do you have to be at a certain level in your support to attend?” Yes. Thanks for asking. We need to be at 85{94115f3f0ce78e17ae6fab5620d08dd86260dffed70bcd9a5a0ccd2442dba6d2} in order to be invited. That could be the difference of a dozen, or two dozen or just one supporter if God so chose to glorify Himself that way.

Above all, pray that He may keep us faithful in work, in service and ministry, in pursuing His calling on our lives.

Your Partners for the Gospel,

The Bells

PS Some perspective that challenged me from the diary of David Brainerd, missionary to India in the mid-1700s;

“I cared not where or how I lived, or what hardships I went through, so I could gain souls to Christ.”

“I care not where I go, or how I live, or what I endure so that I may save souls. When I sleep I dream of them; when I awake they are first in my thoughts.”