Broken Records (really BIG update!)

We know we may sound like a broken record, but…

Sometimes, what sounds like a broken record may not be broken. It is possible that the repetition heard is simply what was intended for you to hear. It is not broken at all. Maybe you hear the same thing over and over, not due to any mistake, but it is just the nature of the record.

So, we know we may sound like a broken record, but God is good.

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts (Isa. 55.9). He is sovereign and has the best for us.

We know we may sound like a broken record, but God answers prayers.

And sometimes, it may not be the timing WE think is best. But, the point was made above. He is good and his answers to our prayers are better than our “best case scenarios.” His answers to our prayers are the best for us and those for which we pray.

We know we may sound like a broken record, but God provides.

He is supplying our need and continues to work in His church and His people. He is bringing in our support both financially and spiritually.

Read on if you want to be encouraged that God is alive and that He works and is active in the lives of His people and His church.


We are compelled to share as witnesses of God’s actions and answers to prayer. Our last update shared a need with a deadline. We prayed for 6 partners in 6 days. God answered with 3 partners in 4 days to meet and exceed our need.


We were blessed and encouraged over our final two weeks of training out in Harrisburg, PA, at ABWE’s international headquarters. Still working through the realities of all we need to do before we are truly “ready” to depart family, friends, work, current ministries, etc. and the variety of emotions we can anticipate and expect here and in our first term in South Africa.

We finished training on Friday, May 4th. We spent Sunday, May 6th, celebrating God’s faithfulness and updating three of our partner churches in southern Ohio. Grace Community Church at Bigelow, Wheelersburg Baptist, and Temple Baptist came together Sunday night for a humbling time of encouragement and beautiful representation of the larger body of Christ. That evening, within minutes of finishing our update and enjoying refreshments with the brothers and sisters, I received a welcomed call from another church in the area. We are excited to partner with such a mission-minded church as Grace Baptist in Minford, Ohio. Praise God! Just three days later, Wednesday, I sat in a leadership team meeting with a local church in Columbus, Ohio, again sharing God’s goodness and faithfulness to us and our ministry. That same evening, I received yet another welcomed call. We are humbled and excited to partner in ministry with Journey Church here in our hometown. God’s lovingkindness surrounds us. It overwhelms me to the point of tears in my eyes as I recount this overwhelming grace.

So, we know we may sound like a broken record, but God doesn’t change. His promises are true. His character is good. He is sovereign. He is love. He is grace. He gives the best gifts.

And we cannot wait to see how He wraps up our pre-field, support raising ministry. We now stand with 89% of our committed monthly support. We need only 11% more committed monthly support!

Please pray as we have much to do. Many things to wrap up. Many visits and goodbyes to schedule. The list of things to accomplish in order to leave well seems daunting.

Please pray for God to providing our remaining need. And if I may ask of Him, that He would provide this remaining 11% quickly. Our new baby boy is due early August and it would be wonderful to focus our remaining time here in the States on all the other things besides this financial support.

God is doing wonders. Please, if you or your church want to hear more about our ministry and what God is doing, reach out to us ( If you can’t tell, we love sharing God’s faithfulness, whether it sounds like a broken record or not.

With His words and His strength,

Nate and Lauren